New Year Run!

All First Striders are invited to join up on New Year’s Day for a big fun group run! We’ll be gathering at Echo circle on the Burlington waterfront, at 10:00am on Sunday, Jan 1.

This is a pretty laid-back situation. Most businesses will be closed, so there won’t be a lot of support (read: bathrooms), but I hear Burlington Bay opens at 11. Some of us are planning to get a hot drink or snack there afterward. 

There’s no need to rsvp, but it might help you decide/commit if you reach out to one of the other people in your group to help her/you get motivated. Most of us are in the same post-holiday boat, so don’t be shy if you haven’t been active lately. Just throw some winter (or whatever the weather) gear on and come as you are!

If you can’t make it to the New Years run, several of us have continued meeting up at the usual Williston spot at the usual time on Wednesdays to walk, run or some active combo, even through the dark evenings. The more the merrier!

If you want to come but you’re running a little late, or want some help finding the place, feel free to text Hillary at 802-557-7712

Happy Holidays!

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