To conserve paper, we’ll post important documents here for you to view or print as you choose.

Workout Schedule

This file will show you the entire 12-week workout progression: 2012 Workout Progression

Cheat Sheets

This file shows you small “cheat sheets” you can print out and take with on your workouts so you know when to change your easy:push intervals:  Workout Cheat Sheets 2012Thanks to 2015 participant Eleni Goranites for reformatting!

Workout Log

Print out this handy workout log so you can stay on track by recording your homework AND your First Strides classes: FS Training Log
Or if you prefer to record your workouts on the computer, here’s a simple Excel spreadsheet version:
FS Training Log – Excel

Week 1 Topic: Walking and Running Form

Walking Form
Running Form

Week 2 Topic: Why The RIGHT Shoes Are So Important

Shoe Buying Guide

Week 3 Topic: Injury Prevention and Assessment

Source: Runner’s World magazine, March 2011
Common Injuries Afflicting Runners and Walkers

Handouts from Kim Ellsworth, P.T. talk

Common Running & Walking Injuries

Common Running&Walking Injuries contd

Stretching for Runners and Walkers

NOTE: These stretches should be done AFTER you are warmed up. This can be accomplished by walking or running easily for 10-15 minutes, riding a stationary bike, or even jumping rope or doing jumping jacks.

Stretches to prevent and deal with running and walking strains

Week 5 Topic: Nutrition for Female Athletes

13 Top Sports Foods
Active Energy Nutrition
Kim’s Amish Baked Oatmeal

Week 7 Topic: Yoga For Walkers and Runners

Yoga for Walkers and Runners

Week 12 Topic: Training Program for the Round Church Walk/Run

First Strides 2012 Extended Workout

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