The Workouts

See the Handouts Page for the cheat sheets, the 12-week program, and other info sheets.

The First Strides workout is based on safe, effective training principles that have been used by athletes of all abilities for decades:

  • Principle 1: The stress-and-recovery approach to improvement. The First Strides workout is based on time, not distance, and alternates short “push” segments with periods of recovery. You’ll go at whatever pace is right for you.
  • Principle 2: Gains must come gradually, over time. As you become more fit, the workout becomes progressively more difficult. “Push” segments lengthen, periods of recovery shorten, and the overall time of the workout increases. Keep up with your “homework” and we guarantee you can handle it!
  • Principle 3: Consistency. You’ll quickly learn that only by completing your “homework”–workouts between classes–will you continue to improve. By maintaining these patterns over the 12-week duration, you’ll make exercise a habitual part of your lifestyle.


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