First Strides 2019 Speakers

May 8th: Warm-up and Cool-down w/Mentor Casey Baczewski, DPT, of South Burlington Physical Therapy

Casey is a Physical Therapist at South Burlington Physical Therapy and a CrossFit Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor at Threshold Training. She will be teaching the group a pre-run and post-run routine to help keep the body strong and mobile to reduce risk of injury and prepare for the demands of

May 15th: Workout Gear and Dressing for the Weather

Wondering how to stay warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, and dry when it’s wet? Part of living an active lifestyle in Vermont is being prepared to get out and move in any weather! Also, there are lots of useful running/walking gadgets and gizmos that can help you have a safe and successful workout experience. Your mentors will share their recommendations and answer your questions. There will even be a fun raffle so wear your lucky shoes and you might walk home with a hydration pack, hat, or water bottle!

May 22nd: Cheers and Fears

A chance for groups to get to know each other better, share stories, goals, fears, ideas, questions. 

May 29th: Dragonheart Vermont w/Sonja Fuller

Sonja Fuller is the treasure of Dragonheart Vermont and a breast cancer survivor. Dragonheart Vermont (DHVT) is a dynamic dragon boat organization located in Burlington, Vermont. Dragon boating is a fast growing team paddle sport that embraces athletes of all ages, gender, and abilities. We began as a breast cancer survivor team. Today, we are that and so more. Sonja will be discussing DHVT as a next step or resource for other survivors. She will also share her medals 🙂

June 19th: Exercise Progressions and Q&A w/Mentor Casey Baczewski, DPT, of South Burlington Physical Therapy

Casey will build upon her previous presentation and offer progressions to exercises focusing on strengthening the core, hips, and calves. There will also be time for Q&A, so bring questions!

Address: 1879 Williston Road, Unit B, South Burlington, VT 05403
Website: Sbptvt.com
Email: casey@sbptvt.com
Phone: 802.399.2318
Instagram: @sb.pt

June 26th: Shiobhan Donegan from You First

You First is a  Vermont State Program that provides emotional and financial support for women who meet certain eligibility for health screenings and healthy programs. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about a resource for women who don’t have the access or ability to get their health back on track. Hopefully You First can knock down those obstacles for you or any of the other women in your life.

Website: You First
You First Lifestyle Programs Options
You First Steps to Join Lifestyle Programs
New Member Handout
You First Income Guidelines

July 3rd: Pelvic Floor Health w/Participant Lena Cannizzaro Goglia, PT, DPT

Stop the leak! Coordinate the pelvic floor with the breath to maximize bladder control. With an inhale, release the pelvic floor and abdominal wall. With an exhale, contract the pelvic floor. For further awareness, try in “ski jump” position and turning hips in. 

Standing alignment; The goal is to feel a diaphragmatic breath. On an inhale the ribcage should open like an umbrella, and on an exhale the ribcage closes. Find a posture that gives the diaphragm an advantage; untuck the bum and lean entire body weight forward on feet

Gait; You walk how you stand. Lean forward and rotate the trunk; imagine walking into a headwind or blizzard. Find glutes and diaphragmatic breath when walking uphill. Ascent promotes the lean forward. Avoid excessive leaning back when walking downhill. Check in on breath! 

Running; Shorten stride to decrease the heel strike and reduce force of impact. Push off from the gluteals. Check in on diaphragmatic breathing! 

For further information, guidance or a more personalized approach to treat or prevent an injury and/or stop urinary incontinence with walking or running come visit a physical therapist at Pelvic Health. Additionally, check out juliewiebePT.com, and access her video blogs for more conversation on the connection between alignment, movement, breathing and the pelvic floor. 

Address: 1 Kennedy Drive, Unit 3, South Burlington
Website: pelvichealthvermont.com
Phone: 802.863.3323
Facebook: @pelvichealthvermont

First Strides 2018 Speakers

May 9th – Footwear & Apparel w/Dawn from Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet is a long-time sponsor of our program and we welcome them back this year to talk about women’s specific apparel, choosing the best shoes for you, and how to dress for all-weather. 

2018 First Strides Days are May 12th – 13th, 20% off to current First Strides Participants.

76 Pearl St, Essex Junction

May 16th – Injury Prevention & Pelvic Health w/Lena Cannizzaro Goglia, PT, DPT and Amy Candon, PT, PLC

Lena, a past First Strides participant, and Amy join us from Pelvic Health, a specialty physical therapy practice. They will share general advice for how to keep our whole bodies ready to move, avoiding injury. And specific advice about how to deal with that inconvenient problem of having “to go” while on the go (let’s admit, we have all experienced this!). 

Handout: Overview of Amy & Lena’s presentation

8 White Street, South Burlington
(802) 863-3323 | pelvichealthoffice@gmail.com

May 23rd – Cheers & Fears w/Mentors

A chance to get to know your mentors and your group a little better. In cheers & fears, we share the things we are proud of and also the things we are uncertain about with the goal of inspiring and helping each other over our hurdles.

May 30th – Breana Lai, M.P.H., R.D., Test Kitchen Manager, EatingWell

Breana will share nutrition advice with us including the best afternoon snacks for when you are working out (or even if you’re not!). Come prepared with your nutrition questions as there will be time for Q & A. Read more about Breana on her Eating Well bio here and @breanalai on Instagram.

Handouts: Nutrition Talk Notes & PB, Blueberry & Oat Energy Square Recipe

Q & A: Breana answers your questions!

Additional Link: Nourish: Eating Well for Weight Loss

June 6th – Balance Yoga

Kerry, one of the founders of Balance Yoga studio in Richmond, will lead our group through a gentle, runner-walker focused yoga routine. The mission of Balance Yoga is to provide a supportive space in the community where everyone can experience and explore yoga, meditation, sound-healing, bodywork and other forms of mindfulness in order to find balance in their busy lives.

840 West Main St, Richmond

June 13th – Keeping it Fun: Tips and tricks for how to enjoy even the hardest experiences as a runner w/Jodi Whalen

Jodi Whalen, owner of August First Bakery, is an inspiring female entrepreneur who has done things lately like a marathon in Vietnam, for example, and just has a feel for keeping it fun (karaoke anyone?). When Jodi took up running 5 years ago, she found that overcoming negative self talk was as difficult as the physical work.  By incorporating humor and acceptance into her training and racing, she’s been able to maintain her status as a consistent middle-of-the-pack runner.

June 20th – The Safety Team w/Naima & Nancy

Self defense for women, by women dedicated to the safety, empowerment, resiliency, and well-being of women. Naima and Nancy will help teach you simple, powerful, and effective verbal, tactical, and physical self-defense skills to help keep you safe. They will talk about awareness and avoidance and then demonstrate a few self defense techniques.


June 27th – Sports Massage Demo Day w/Kirsten Wiley, BCMT

July 11th – Superpowers, Goal-Setting & Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize w/Nicci Micco

Take a new approach to goal-setting by clarifying your intentions, identifying the obstacles that get in the way of your healthy routines, and finding ways of living well that fit you and your life. We’ll cover goal-setting, tapping into your “superpowers,” rallying a crew who keeps you on track, the power of journaling, and more!

Nicci Micco is a behavior-change expert, yoga teacher, nutritionist and content creator. She lives in Shelburne with her husband, two boys, awesome dog Biden, and two sister cats.


July 18th – Cheers & Fears: Next Steps w/Mentors

A revisit of cheers & fears, plus an opportunity to plan for how to carry our momentum forward.

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